AiAiAlex KiddAmigo
BeatBeat (Mega Man)Bowser
Bowser Jr.Captain FalconCaptain Olimar
CharizardDiddy KongDoctor Eggman
Doctor LightDoctor WilyDonkey Kong
Falco LombardiFox McCloudGanondorf
GexGex the GekoIke
JigglypuffKing DededeKirby
LinkLittle MacLucario
MeeMeeMega ManMeta Knight
MiiMr. Game & WatchNess
Princess DaisyPrincess PeachPrincess Zelda
Proto ManR.O.B.Reala
RollRosalinaSamus Aran
SheikSonic & Mega Man: Worlds CollideSonic Crossover Network
Sonic the HedgehogToadToon Link
Wii Fit TrainerYoshiZero Suit Samus
File:Beam Kirby - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Blue Pikmin - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Cook Kirby - Brawl Trophy.png
File:Deku Link Sticker.pngFile:End of Day - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Epona Link Sticker.png
File:Fighter Kirby - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Kirby - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Kirby SSB4.png
File:Kirby SSBB.jpgFile:Kirbysoniclink.pngFile:Link - Brawl Trophy.png
File:Link Legend of Zelda Sticker.pngFile:Link Link to the Past Sticker.pngFile:Link MM Sticker.png
File:Link SSB4.pngFile:Link SSBB.jpgFile:Link TP Sticker.png
File:Needle Kirby - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Olimar SSB4.pngFile:Olimar SSBB.jpg
File:PikachuAltTrophyWiiU.pngFile:PikachuTrophyWiiU.pngFile:Pikachu - Brawl Trophy.png
File:Pikachu SSB4.pngFile:Pikachu SSBB.jpgFile:Pikmin & Olimar - Brawl Trophy.png
File:Purple Pikmin - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Red Pikmin - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Rouge The Bat Sticker.png
File:SSB4 3DS Bottom Screen.jpgFile:SSB4 Kirby Flying through Windy Hill.pngFile:SSB4 Pikachu waving on Windy Hill.png
File:SSB4 Sonic Wily Castle Final Destination.pngFile:SSB4 Targeting.jpgFile:Sleep Kirby - Brawl Trophy.png
File:Sonic Mega Man - When Worlds Collide TrailerFile:Sonic SSB4.pngFile:Sonic kirby and sonic by ss2sonic.jpg
File:Sonic link.jpgFile:Sonicrunlink.jpgFile:Sticker Pikachu.png
File:Sword Kirby - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Triforce Slash (Link) - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:VoltTackleTrophyWiiU.png
File:Volt Tackle - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:White Pikmin - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Wiki background.png
File:Wing Kirby - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Wolf Link - Brawl Trophy.pngFile:Yellow Pikmin - Brawl Trophy.png

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