Captain Falcon

Douglas Jay Falcon, better known as Captain Falcon is a Nintendo character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U representing the F-Zero series.

Game AppearancesEdit

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Subspace EmmissaryEdit

Sonic appearsEdit

Special MovesEdit

  • Neutral - Falcon Punch
  • Side - Raptor Boost
  • Up - Falcon Dive
  • Down - Falcon Kick
  • Final Smash - Blue Falcon


Matchup with SonicEdit

Green Hill ZoneEdit

On Green Hill Zone, Captain Falcon can double jump and Falcon Dive over the valley and end up nearly offscreen. He has poor traction on the tiles. When the stage crumbles, he can recover in one jump. The checkpoint knocks him a quarter of the valley.



Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii UEdit

Changes from BrawlEdit

Custom MovesEdit

  • Default Standard - '
  • Custom Standard 1 - '
  • Custom Standard 2 - '
  • Default Side - '
  • Custom Side 1 - '
  • Custom Side 2 - '
  • Default Up - '
  • Custom Up 1 - '
  • Custom Up 2 - '
  • Default Down - '
  • Custom Down 1 - '
  • Custom Down 2 - '
  • Final Smash - '


Name Image Game Description

Rematch with SonicEdit

Green Hill 3DSEdit

Windy HillEdit

On Windy Hill, Captain Falcon can't cross under the stage, nor can he recover from offscreen under the stage. But he can double jump between the left and right platforms.


  • Before Sonic's appearance in Brawl, Captain Falcon was the fastest character in Super Smash Bros.



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